At Aphrodia we make full use of our extensive network to recruit and introduce the highest level candidates with careful consideration given to focusing on the talent resources you truly need. We employ a highly targeted approach, so compared with other search firms the number of candidates we introduce may be fewer, but each individual is much more suitable in terms of background and experience for your operations. Aphrodia’s services cover expert human resources recruitment from the most compatible mid- level managers all the way to the top executive positions for your company. In addition, Aphrodia consultants boast extensive overseas and domestic recruiting experience as well as a solid track record at global foreign human resources firms. Applying our recognized expertise and experience, we are dedicated to providing services that will satisfy all of your human resources needs.

Aphrodia’s specializes in expert talent recruitment for:

  • IT, security, mobile, WEB-related firms
  • Automobile, Auto Parts, and other related manufacturing
  • Strategy and Management Consulting, Think Tanks
  • Retail, Distribution, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce
  • Purchasing and Logistics · SCM · Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) · Lean Manufacturing
  • Work projects abroad