For those seeking a career change

Aphrodia’s high quality career change support services are based on practical advice and a global outlook of market trends from our active domestic and international consultants. We support and aim to realise everyone’s career formation and successful career change. We work with prospective personnel centred around our research and development and in-house networks. That’s why if the client firm or staffing details are deemed to be too difficult, we will not handle the case. All of our consultants have a strong grasp and understanding of each person’s detailed report, interview responses and strategies, so we can provide hands on support for all career change candidates.

Aphrodia’s Specialization

  1. We handle a great many private job recruitments, including those from our own network that rarely appear on the job market.
  2. Interview Support
    We can help hone interview strategies of promising candidates and various job categories based on previously compiled information.
  3. Strong negotiation ability (Closing)
    We help fully realize everyone’s career change hopes.