Recruitment training

We carry out introductory training for ‘Direct Sourcing’ aimed at personnel in charge of hiring in administration departments of companies, as well as other training for personnel agency consultants plus introductory headhunting training.

For companies

We provide training aimed at recruiters for Direct Sourcing (bypassing personnel employment firms to independently recruit one’s own staff formation), which has come into the mainstream for several years in foreign countries. It’s a proactive training programme that works to reduce recruitment costs and shorten the time needed to secure new prospective candidates.

Designed for companies that:

  • Want to reduce personnel recruiting costs
  • Want to bypass human resources companies and do their own candidate population formation
  • For those companies that want to introduce head hunting, but don’t know the proper way of going about it

We provide the ideal consulting services for companies facing these kinds of challenges.

For recruitment companies

"We’ve sent out scout mail to career change suites, but have never truly carried out head hunting"… "Our in house personnel recruiting system seems like an outdated way of doing business.”… "We’re not seeing expanded performance from any of our recruiters.” For staff recruitment companies with worries like these, we provide consulting services, including training aimed specifically for recruiters.

For companies facing these difficulties:

  • Never carried out head hunting, and don’t know how
  • The majority of work is handled by junior staff and sales are sluggish for entry-level jobs
  • Little understanding about setting and managing numerical performance targets (KPI)
  • Never implemented training for recruiters before

For recruiting companies with worries such as these, we will provide consulting services custom tailored to your individual circumstances.

Initial consultation is free.